Ordering Guidelines:
  • The online ordering system for academic records is available 24/7/365 to take your order. Requests are processed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (GMT + 0700) Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Orders will only be accepted if there is no "hold" on your record which may be due to unpaid fees or disciplinary penalty. In case of records "hold", the system will inform the reason and advise how it can be settled.
  • Orders will only be processed if submitted information are complete and fully paid.
  • Processing times noted do not include transit time (i.e., mail/express service delivery time).
  • If you are concerned about the eventual receipt of your transcript or need proof of delivery, we recommend that you opt for Express Delivery (DHL) when ordering.
  • The online ordering system includes an online payment facility using international credit card. Request will be processed upon approval of the credit card payment.
  • No request for cancellation, subsitution, refund and the like may be entertained due to the automated nature of the online system.
  • AIT issues transcripts only for academic work completed at this institution.
  • Transcript orders will come in a sealed and signed AIT official envelope;
  • Former students who first attended the university prior to 1993 may have a partially or completely non-computerized record. Processing your record will involve inputting all information which will require 2 additional working days to process;
  • Status of order can be tracked through the "Track Order" link.
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image Academic records mainly include transcript of records, copy of degree certificate, and certifications on course(s) audited, graduation, course description, graduation prize, scholarship and English as a medium of instruction.

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